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Introducing the SWF Dual Function embroidery machine…

...Lower overheads - Higher productivity!

Yes, we know that it sounds too good to be true but, hey, sometimes there are nice surprises in life and the SWF Dual Function embroidery machine is one of the nicest you will find. Over the years, since its introduction into the UK and Ireland, this series of machines has gone from strength to strength.

The Benefits of SWF Dual Function machines:

  • Five-year warranty
  • Seven-year minimum stitch quality guarantee
  • 25% faster and more profitable

The original concept was to create the holy grail of embroidery by producing a machine that could embroider two different patterns and/or products at the same time. To most companies achieving this would have been enough, but neither SWF nor Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) are your usual run of the mill companies. They had to do more. In the past few years these machines have seen changes in firmware, software and, the most important one, speed. Even when used as a standard machine they will beat most others on the market, but when used as intended, as a dual function machine, they are untouchable. With up to a 25% increase in productivity they will simply out produce any other comparable size machine on the market.

SWF and YES Ltd are a long-standing partnership in the embroidery industry. Over the years they have worked together, they have forged a relationship based on mutual respect and teamwork. They both have the interests of their clients at heart, and because of this they produce machines that are needed by the industry. Add into the mix that theirs are the only machines with a five-year warranty and a seven-year minimum stitch quality guarantee and you can quickly see why they rank as a serious contender in any embroidery company.

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We pride ourselves on our new and used embroidery machines with a model to suit every need. Every machine is cleaned, serviced and tested to ensure you receive first class results and all machines carry our warranty and come installed with full training - see them all here.

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