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8th February 2018
Design Company of the Month: Your Embroidery Services

We are extremely pleased to announce that Your Embroidery Services has been named as this issue's Design Company of the Month for their commitment to providing superior quality products and machinery to a wide range of industries around the globe.

Your Embroidery Services, also commonly known as YES, was first set up by Roy Burton back in 1995 from the study in his home. The company, which specialises in embroidery, digital printing and label finishing machines, has gone from strength to strength over the last twenty-two years and has seen signification growth and expansion thanks to its diverse range of services and top quality products. YES supplies digital printers, textile decoration equipment and consumable items as well as services covering installation, training, aftersales support, ongoing maintenance and more.

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31st January 2018
Double the trouble, twice the fun

After 22 years of exhibiting its products at Printwear & Promotion LIVE!, it's the first year that YES Ltd showcased its recently launched machines on separate stands under the umbrella of the SWF and DTG Digital brands, but what a success this gamble proved to be. It allowed visitors to concentrate on products that were specific to their chosen industry, and the layout gave them the opportunity to browse at leisure while being assisted by a supportive team.

John-Paul Burton, sales director of YES Ltd, said: "The preparation for this show was incredibly time-consuming, but the overall result was immeasurable. The response to our new product ranges was fantastic and the feedback on our SWF/KS Series was overwhelming, with many commenting that it was the quietest multi-head machine they'd ever seen, and others enthusing about the quality of the embroidery."

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12th December 2017
SWF new website and product launch

As the sole distributor of the SWF range of embroidery machines in the UK and Ireland, Your Embroidery Services Ltd is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed SWF website, which coincides with three major new SWF product launches hitting P&P LIVE! 2018 in January!

The company's goal with this new website is to provide visitors with a more user-friendly way of learning about the ever-widening range of SWF embroidery machines. It has been designed with the customer in mind, streamlining menus, simplifying navigation, building a responsive layout for all platforms and providing more resources and information on our products and services. YES Ltd has also incorporated a business start-up guide into the site because the team appreciates how important it is to have the right information when you're looking to start up your own embroidery business, and this will assist you in the initial start-up stages of your venture.

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30th November 2017
Bling me sunshine

So, your customer wants a different style of decoration on the garment but they are not quite sure what would work. They want something that will give a lot of cover but won't cost the earth. What can you offer them? John-Paul Burton, director of YES Ltd explains.

Only a few years ago the answer would have been sequins but these days there is so much more on offer and the two probable market leaders are rhinestones and spangles – but what is the difference?

Both of these transfers work very well in the bling game but they have very different attributes, especially where the 'feel' of the garment is concerned.

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23rd November 2017
The KS Series: An all new market standard from world leader SWF

Where stitching speed and quality is everything, SWF holds the fastest machines in the world. Stitching at 1,200spm, the newly designed KS Tubular Series of embroidery machines not only provide superior productivity and improved embroidery quality, they are also competitively priced.

SWF has been responsible for several major breakthroughs throughout its 40-year history, including world patented Dual-Function technology, the Tubular and Dual-Function DM-Series stitching at 1,500spm, the DM 56 head stitching at 1,300spm and now the latest edition to the range – the newly released SWF KS-Series, capable of stitching at 1,200spm as standard!

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26th October 2017
Back to the future! – increase in productivity of up to 20%

YES Ltd is reaching out to extended target markets by bringing several new products to P&P LIVE! next year. One of the most exciting of these releases is the newly designed KS small-Heads tubular series of embroidery machines from the world's leading manufacturer SWF.

The company is also going 'back to the future' with the world's first SWF 1,500rpm DM tubular series, which revolutionised embroidery back in 2007. This further advanced range of machinery provides superior productivity and improved embroidery quality, aside a number of recent features.

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26th September 2017
The Schoolwear Show 2017 - educating the industry

Yes Ltd will be exhibiting for the first time at The Schoolwear Show this month. This exciting show, which is owned by and operated by Force12 Schoolwear, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and Yes Ltd is proud to be listed as one of its 64 industry-strong exhibitors.

With a host of new and established products covering embroidery, direct to garment printing, transfer printing and bling embellishment, this exciting event will give Yes Ltd the opportunity to showcase its ever-growing range of first-class machines to an industry that is growing and continuously evolving.

For embroidery, the team will be demonstrating the incredible Single-Head E-Series machines from world renowned manufacturer SWF. The E-Series, which comes with a five-year warranty and a seven-year minimum stitch quality guarantee, have been designed to suit today's exacting standards at a price that suits a variety of budgets.

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15th September 2017
The edge of reason

We all know how direct to garment printing has expanded over the last few years but where will it go now? What progress can we expect to see in the future? Well, the truth is we don't have to wait because the future exists now. John-Paul Burton, director of YES Ltd explains.

For many years this style of printing was only seen in the confines of T shirt decoration. Indeed the system was originally developed for the printing of small orders of T shirts.

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29th August 2017
UV Printing

UV printing has been around a while but never like this.

The new Compress iUV range of machines has redefined this method of decoration. Both in terms of the equipment and the process UV printing has never been more affordable that it is with the Compress iUV range of machines. One of the things that sets these machines apart is the ink delivery system.

Whereas other machines use a cartridge system the iUV machines use a bulk ink feed system which can result in a 30% – 40% saving. A bulk feed system also removes the delays often seen when changing cartridges – all in all a much better system.

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2nd August 2017
More than a one-stop-shop

The most positive word in the English language is yes and that just happens to be the name of the most positive company in embroidery, Your Embroidery Services Ltd or YES Ltd.

For over 20 years now this company has been supplying the industrial embroidery industry with machinery, consumables, software and expertise. Not only embroidery has benefited though as the company has also branched out into the DTG printing arena as well as other ancillary areas of promotion and fashion with the latest being UV printing of promotional products.

It would have been easy to settle on the success the company has seen and plod along supplying the same old thing year after year but that would be totally against the YES Ltd pattern of thought which is 'to benefit from progress you have to drive progress' and that is certainly what it has done.

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26th June 2017
Embroidered surgical implants – The future of suture

Over the years YES Ltd has been a pioneer and advocate of technologies and solutions that, not only benefit efficiencies, but also help to revolutionise people and improve their quality of life. The most memorable and novel textile innovation to date being the company's assistance in using embroidery stitching to create cost-effective surgical implants.

The company's managing director, Roy Burton, who has extensive experience of working in the embroidery industry, enthusiastically views YES Ltd as 'the conduit to make things happen'. So, when Roy was approached by Ellis Developments in 2003 to help devise an embroidered solution for surgical implants, yes was the first and only word that sprang to mind.

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16th May 2017
Embroidery and what else?

John-Paul Burton, director of Your Embroidery Services Ltd discusses the possibilities of combining embroidery and direct to garment printing and how you can monopolise from this in your own print shop.

Many of you reading this will be specialists in particular forms of garment decoration or promotion.

Some of you may already have expanded your remit to include other promotional items such as pens, mugs, etc. It is also possible though that many of you will not have considered this because you perhaps think that the outlay is too high or the learning curve too steep but, with modern development and streamlined production techniques, this is not necessarily the case.

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1st March 2017
Oh! What a Show!

Trade shows are hard work. Whether you are an organiser, an exhibitor or a visitor they are both mentally and physically draining.

Printwear & Promotion LIVE! is always worth the effort though for all concerned but especially for the visitors and the exhibitors.

The team at Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) can vouch for this because they have showing the company's goods at P&P LIVE! for over 20 years and, guess what, they keep coming back. If anything proves how successful a show is then that has to be at the top of the list.

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9th February 2017
The name says it all!

Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd), the name says it all really. If you want embroidery hardware or software then YES Ltd should be your first stop.

Having worked closely with world leading manufacturer SWF the company includes a wide range of machines in its catalogue. In fact the SWF range is recognised as one of the most varied on the market with a machine to suit most needs. From compact single head models to massive multi-head high production units, the choice is incredible. SWF, of course, was the company that developed the Holy Grail of embroidery – a machine that can embroider two different patterns and/or products at the same time.

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24th January 2017
YES Ltd. at P&P LIVE! 2017

Yes, it's that time of year and Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) is busily preparing to exhibit the latest additions to its ever growing catalogue.

It has become a tradition over the years for them to introduce something new at Printwear & Promotion LIVE! and 2017 will be no different with new products on every front. For embroidery YES Ltd will be showing the latest machines from SWF and Ricoma as well as the latest version of the renowned DRAWings software. As you probably know SWF is the leading exponents of embroidery machine designs and development and offers models that are unique in the industry.

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12th December 2016
Thriving Mansfield company says YES to its new headquarters

A successful Mansfield company, which boasts a lofty reputation across the world, has celebrated another milestone in its meteoric progress.

For Your Embroidery Services, better known as YES, has moved into new purpose-built headquarters, housing all its departments under one roof at Sovereign House on Sovereign Way.

And the grand opening attracted VIP visitors from Korea, as well as the Vice-Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, Colonel Tim Richmond, who performed the official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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15th November 2016
Grand Opening of New YES Ltd. Head Office

December 8th will be a very special and proud day for the team at Your Embroidery Services Ltd. (YES Ltd.) but for one man it will be extra special. In just over 20 years Roy Burton has seen the company grow from its humble beginnings in Roy's study at home to a 17,000 sq ft bespoke headquarters.

The day marks the official opening of the new purpose designed head office of the Your Embroidery Services Ltd. group. Although they have been in situ, so to speak, for a few months the company wanted the opening to be extra special and so decided to wait until all of the refit had been completed. The premises represent another big step in the development of this ever growing company and demonstrates that they are prepared to reinvest in the business bringing continued success for YES Ltd. and ever-growing support for their expanding client-base.

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4th November 2016
DTG Digital expands the M-series

DTG Digital introduced the latest member of the M-series direct-to-garment printers in October: the M3. The company says the new model has been launched in response to the increase in demand for volume printing. Features include an all-new garment platen system made up of three sets of 4-2-1 platens, allowing printing for three 4XL garments, six standard garments or 12 smaller garments in one system.

"We wanted to increase the speed and simplify the user interface to make the new M3 into something that printers will find far easier to maintain and operate," said John-Paul Burton, sales director of Your Embroidery Services (YES), European suppliers of the DTG digital range.

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26th October 2016
DTG M2 now shipping with P30i inks!

DTG Digital is well known for its direct to garment printers with over 8,000 installations to date. In fact there are more companies that rely on DTG Digital than any other brand globally. Now the legacy continues with the news that the M2 model will now be shipped throughout Europe with the latest P30i inks included as standard. So what possible difference could this make?

This ground-breaking new ink is supplied by Impression Technology Europe (ITE) and Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) and was developed with the M series machines in mind.

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29th August 2016
Back to school!

'Ah, what a beautiful summer!' Or should that be 'What beautiful summer?!' You may take a view on which of those is more appropriate but one thing we can all agree on is that the summer, whatever it was like for you, is coming to an end and with it the school holidays. Yes kids, it's back to school time.

Now for the children that means a return to the, according to them, boring daily grind while for their parents it probably represents a return to spending on uniforms, gym kit and other things that always generate comments such as 'I can't see why they need that' or 'Why do we have to buy it from that company?'

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1st August 2016
Consumables and so much more

Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has been around for quite a few years now – over 20 in fact. In that time the company has built a reputation for its service and support as well as its expertise in the development and supply of new machines and techniques. Because of this many associate them only with capital equipment but this company is much more than that.

YES Ltd is also one of the leading suppliers for consumables and ancillary equipment for both the embroidery and direct to garment printing markets. It has taken this added route because all who work within its walls believe that it is their responsibility not just to supply a machine but also to offer the goods that make it work to its optimum. Of course the easy and quick way to look at the company's catalogue is to visit but there you will only see a list of products. What the team wants to do here is put some explanation to why some of the products are included.

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26th July 2016
Embroidery machines can do more than you think!

Check out the fantastic embroidery work from Emma Warren Designs.

Emma creates bespoke fashion designs that are available through ASOS and Etsy. She set her business up three years ago after graduating from University where she studied Textiles, specialising in Embroidery.

Emma selected one of the Ricoma single head embroidery machines from YES (Your Embroidery Services) to replace her older rented embroidery machine.

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20th July 2016
Schoolwear & More improves business with SWF from YES Ltd.

Yeovil-based Schoolwear & More recently decided to take some of its embroidery in house and did so with the purchase of an SWF embroidery machine.

Previously the schoolwear company outsourced their short-run (non-bulk), and unusual sized garment embroidery work. However, after viewing an embroidery machine in action, the team realised they could react quicker and have more control over prices if they took that element of the business in house.

After doing some research the team contacted Your Embroidery Services and Schoolwear & More is now the proud owner of an SWF single head embroidery machine.

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25th July 2016
A machine that prints on anything?

Wouldn't it be great to have a printer that will print onto just about any surface and any product? Well, you can have exactly that with the Compress iUV600s and iUV1200s machines from Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd).

The iUV 600s has been around now for about a year and, in that time, has established itself as a market leader in this area of technology. This machine prints in CMYK + white and clear so not only is any product fair game but so is any colour. It uses a 1440 nozzle print head capable of delivering a minimum picolitre drop of just 3.5Ng for ultra-fine dot placement. When combined with six colours of CMYK, white and clear the resulting print is vibrant and pin sharp and easily up to (and in many cases beyond) the standard of larger and more expensive machines.

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11th July 2016
FuFu's Embroidery Threads: The Best Choice on the Market

Who are FuFu and what are the benefits of changing your supplier of embroidery threads to Fufu's?

Here at YES Ltd we take a keen interest in selling only the best products to suit our customers and thread is not an exception. We chose the FuFu's brand for many reasons such as the thread quality, colour vibrancy and the company's ethos.

When selling our thread to customers we often get asked what FuFu means, and we've realised everyone seems to be providing their own theory! So to clear matters up, the company behind Fufu threads "Southwell Textile Co" advised that the brand name meant 'Good Luck' or 'Wealth', which is appropriate in many ways!

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1st June 2016
Seeing is Believing

The team at Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has been on a drive lately to fill its all new bespoke showroom with machinery. After all what's the point of having a purpose built extra-large showroom if you cannot use it to show off the incredibly diverse range of machinery on offer.

As a company YES Ltd made its name supplying and supporting the embroidery industry but over the past 10 years or so it has also been offering the same expert service to direct to garment printers and, more recently, to other styles of printing including promotional and label production. Such a wide range of products presents a difficult, but welcome, problem – how do you show them all to your customers? The simple answer, have more space!

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17th May 2016
O'Neills have it all sewn up with YES Embroidery Equipment

The largest sportswear company in Ireland reap the benefits of using SWF embroidery machinery; backed up by YES' service and support.

O'Neills are Ireland's largest sportswear company with a difference. Founded in 1918 as a manufacturer of Gaelic footballs, the company has grown rapidly to employ over 500 staff in premises spanning over 160,000 square feet. Champions wear their garments in Rugby, Soccer, Gaelic Games, Athletics and much more; teams such as St Helens RFC and London Irish RFC can be seen donning their attractive and well made shirts, and their products are exported across the globe.

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23rd March 2016
SWF Embroidery Machinery - A New Beginning

Why a new beginning? The short answer is because the industry needed one.

We know that the industry in general ran into difficulty after the global bank crash with many local and international companies suffering the consequences of a downturn in business. SunStar Company, manufacturers of SWF embroidery machinery, was no different but, in an effort to survive, the company did not follow others by going into crippling debt, but instead decided to follow a different path.

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3rd March 2016
What a Show!

The team at Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) was very excited about the prospect of Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2016 but the reality of the event turned out to be even better. Why was the team excited? Well, who wouldn't be if they had new products to show, new people to meet and a new principle partner to welcome to the UK!

YES Ltd was particularly happy with the level of enthusiasm shown, by customers old and new, with the range of SWF embroidery machines on display especially as a senior representative of the new owner, Mobase, was resident at the show for the whole period.

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25th February 2016
DTG Digital to release new M3 Direct to Garment printer at FESPA

DTG Digital is well known for its Direct to Garment printers with over 8000 installations to date. In fact there are more companies that rely on DTG Digital than any other brand globally. Now the legacy continues with the release of the New M3 garment printer.

The M3 supplements and compliments the current M-series range. It offers more productive garment printing workflows with an average 30% productivity increase yet at only a marginally higher capital investment. Thus offering a strong ROI for production oriented printing companies.

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17th February 2016
Important information for embroidery lovers!

Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) are proud to announce the first meeting with Sunstar Co. Ltd (SWF)'s new chairman. The recent meeting took place during a planned visit to South Korea and YES Ltd would like to officially thank him and the company for a warm welcome.

Part of the visit was to look at a new product set to be announced to the world market within the next 12 months.

As you would expect with SWF this innovative product will definitely have the WOW factor and will join other much loved and unique machines in the Korean manufacturers catalogue.

True to their research and development philosophy this is not a rushed product but rather one that has been tried and tested over a long period, at every stage of its development, from its original concept back in 2014.

SWF personnel will also be supporting YES Ltd at the forthcoming Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2016 to be held at the end of the month at the Birmingham NEC.

We look forward to sharing this exciting future with you all and hope to see you on stand F10 at P&P LIVE! 2016.

11th February 2016
On Your Marks, Get Set, Show!

Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2016 looks like being an extra special one for Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) and its customers.

With a host of new and established products covering embroidery, direct to garment printing and UV printing a visit to stand F10 should not be missed. For embroidery YES Ltd will demonstrating the incredible K-UH series machines form world renowned manufacturer SWF. The four and six head models on display will ably demonstrate just why these are considered market leaders. With machines such as the unique Dual Function and the DM high speed multi head in their catalogue it is clear to see this company is committed to making machines that the industry wants and can benefit from. Embroidery will also be covered with the introduction of new arrivals from Ricoma. There will be a super compact machine on show together with the world's first portable bridge machine with the latter bringing the uniqueness of bridge embroidery to the mobile market.

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27th January 2016
SWF Stronger Than Ever

18 months ago, or thereabouts, the embroidery industry was under the impression that Sunstar, manufacturers of SWF embroidery machines, was being taken over by DIC (a leading Korean manufacturer of car parts). All looked good with the takeover set to go ahead until the Korean equivalent of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (M & M C) stepped in.

As with most governmental organisations it wasn't felt (by them) that an explanation was required but it was generally thought that it was not the embroidery machine manufacturing that gave them cause for concern but rather the sewing machine side as this may have presented a monopolistic situation.

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21st October 2015
Compress UV printer shows the way

The Compress iUV-600s may not be a product you are too familiar with but, if you are involved in printing hard surface products such as promotional goods, it is something you really need to get to know.

Nottinghamshire-based Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has only just launched this machine yet it is already receiving great user reviews. The iUV-600s is an entirely new small footprint flatbed UV LED printer that brings cost effective, on-demand printing to a whole range of different substrates. With this machine you have the ability to print what you want, when you want and onto just about anything you want.

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29th September 2015
YES Ltd commissions new building

Nottinghamshire-based business Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has recently moved into new industrial premises due to the on-going expansion of its business.

This represents an important investment for the specialist print and embroidery machinery distributor and has given the company a 16,738sq ft purpose-built facility at Sovereign Way, Mansfield. As a prominent UK supplier of industrial embroidery machines and digital printing equipment for the UK textile industry it was in need of a facility that suited the expansion it had seen over the past few years.

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21st August 2015
New model a big hit for SWF

Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) saw a rise in embroidery machine sales following the launch earlier this year of the latest offering from SWF, the KN Series machine

This may look like the K series machine but it is an all-new model that includes auto tensioning and a new user-friendly interface based on user feedback.

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15th July 2015
Full Speed Ahead for New Building

The new head office building, which will house both Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) and its sister company Impression Technology Europe (ITE), is right on track for completion at the end of July.

This is a circa 17,000 sq ft two-storey building which will bring all departments for both companies together. Each section - sales, administration, stores, manufacturing and R & D - will have their own dedicated area within the building but, for the first time, they will all be under the same roof. This, of course, is a massive advantage for the company and its customers but the benefits do not end there.

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12th June 2015
YES expansion demands new building

Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has seen steady increases in its business for the last 20 years but the acceleration of this over the last few has meant that the working environment was becoming strained with every nook and cranny being filled – a good indication to the directors that it was time to look around for bigger premises.

The search resulted in Sovereign House, a purpose designed 16,738sq ft two-storey building which will house the whole of the YES Ltd operation.

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15th May 2015
Increased sales for SWF

Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) is seeing big increases in sales of embroidery machines since the launch of the SWF K Dual Function series. SWF is already recognised as one of the world's leading manufacturers of embroidery machines and this model has really raised the bar to a new level.

One of the recent recipients was Ireland based Magik Moments which recently took delivery of a six head Dual Function machine.

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20th April 2015
The Complete Package

Printing is a key part of the promotions industry and for those involved in the production of goods for this market Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) is the key supplier as it is the only company that can supply machinery across the range of decorative methods.

Well known for embroidery YES Ltd is equally renowned for supplying the world leading DTG Digital direct to garment printing machines. Together the two companies have been at the forefront of this industry for many years and have been jointly responsible for developing some of the common techniques we take for granted today.

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23rd March 2015
Direct To Garment

What does DTG stand for? Direct to garment of course!

Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) and DTG Digital have worked hard over the past years to ensure that they always led letting others follow and yet again, with the M Series, they are the 'leader of the pack'.

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20th February 2015
Up, up and away!

A few words about Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2015 by John-Paul Burton (sales director of Your Embroidery Services Ltd).

"What a great show! We hoped it would be special for us as we are celebrating 20 years in business but we couldn't have imagined just how positive it would be. In fact, this was one of the most successful shows we have attended. It was so gratifying to feel the genuine warmth from visitors who went out of their way to join in with our celebrations. We had so many visitors it was hard to speak to everyone so, for those that we missed, could I just say thank you.

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19th February 2015
Choice from YES Ltd widens

As the company enters its 20th year of trading the guys at Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) are expanding their, already extensive, range of embroidery machines to include the new Ricoma models.

This name may not be as familiar as the already established SWF brand associated with YES but don't let that cloud your view. Ricoma is the biggest and most successful embroidery machine manufacturer in China and they have achieved that position by developing machines that realise the high standards demanded by western embroiderers.

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14th February 2015
YES Ltd. celebrates 20 years serving the industry

As we start our 20th anniversary year we want to say a very big THANK YOU to our loyal customers, suppliers and partners. It is they that have made our achievements possible.

A message from the MD:
In life we all measure our achievements. In business many measure their success only by the balance sheet. Here at YES Ltd, as important as financial achievements are, we also like to measure the success of our most important assets - our CUSTOMERS and SUPPLIERS. We are proud and grateful to the many customers that have entrusted their business to our company. Whether it was a first capital purchase to start their business off or an investment to expand an established company, It has been an absolute pleasure to assist so many companies and to support them, with our products, throughout their growth.

Thank you to all, and to our Company staff, both past and present, for creating this wonderful opportunity spanning 20 years ...our family business looks forward to serving your needs for the next 20 years and beyond.

20th January 2015
The sky's the limit on the YES Ltd stand!

To celebrate 20 years of business Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) will be giving away free flights to a variety of global locations at Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2015 (Terms & Conditions apply).

John-Paul Burton, sales director of YES Ltd said: “We really wanted to do something special for our 20th anniversary. We travel the world looking for products and techniques that will benefit our customers so it seemed a natural progression to use travel as part of the celebration so we will be giving away free flights to various cities around the world at P&P LIVE!

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16th December 2014
YES Does it all!

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) so what better time to look back at how they have helped, supported and developed the garment decoration industry over the past two decades.

As the name suggests, the company was started to support the embroidery industry. From initially supplying used machines the directors at YES Ltd knew from experience that the industry, then ruled by a few large manufacturers, needed to change with a wider selection of new machines.

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2nd December 2014
DTG - 10 Years On!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of DTG Digital entering the direct to garment printing industry, which is just about the same length of time that the process has existed, making DTG Digital the most experienced supplier in this arena.

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28th October 2014 breaks through textile barrier

Direct to garment printing has developed over the years into a major production technique and has supported the development of the 'small order' market by enabling low volume orders to be produced at competitive rates, t-shirt printing being the main beneficiary.

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29th September 2014
New ink from

'A dream come true' is how some would describe the new direct to garment ink from – distributed in the UK by Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd).

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5th September 2014
Huge expansion as company moves towards milestone occasion

As YES looks to celebrate its 20th year in 2015, the directors and staff have just finalised an expansion program adding extra showroom space, a new design and development section and increased customer service and support.

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27th August 2014
There are no hold ups on this M6

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a direct to garment printer which could print directly onto mixed fibre shirts as well as 100% cotton? Well, you can! The new DTG Digital M Series machines fuelled with the new Pigment ink will do just that.

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26th September 2013

DTG Digital release new Viper2 Direct To Garment printer
DTG Digital is well known for its Direct to Garment printers with over 8000 installations to date. Now the legacy continues with the release of the New VIPER 2.

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