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DRAWings 8 Pro Design & Embroidery Software is available!

DRAWings version 8 is multifunctional software with a fully customisable interface and an impressive list of new features, designed to be used for graphics designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, computerised quilting, crafting with cuts and stencils as well as fabric painting. Check out the new features!

DRAWings 8 includes new features and enhancements that will make your work easier:

  • NEW Technique selection

  • NEW Paint your designs

  • NEW Vector fill Pen type

  • NEW Stippling fill type

  • NEW More Applique options

  • NEW Cutter parameters

  • NEW Cut pen type

  • NEW Select your Cutting mat

  • NEW Stencil pen type

  • NEW Improved File format support

  • NEW Software key for more freedom

  • NEW Automatic Software Update

  • NEW Wings' modular 6 embroidery software

  • Basic-Text-Editing modules is included in the package


More details:

  • Technique selection: Ability to select from the start up wizard which techniques you will use to create the design you want. You can select from the following techniques: Cut, Embroidery, Crystals, Stencil and Paint. For example, if you want to create a design that will be cut at your cutter, you have to enable only the Cut technique. The software will filter the available tools and show you only those that can be used for your design.
  • Paint your designs: You can create designs that can be painted from your Cutter by switching the cutter blade with a brush or pen. There are different paint fill types that you can use and create unique designs. The Paint types that are available are the following: ZigZag, Fill, Row-fill  Fill types, and Line, ZigZag Pen/outline types. Each type has its own parameters, which you can adjust according your preferences.
  • Vector fill Pen type: With the Vector fill tool you can create beautiful designs by drawing over large Satin on Step filled shapes. Every curve you are drawing it is automatically converted to stitch penetration points in the shape below. Apply Array fill to a shape and fill it with a Vector fill object to create unique and complex effects on your Satin/Step filled designs. It also can be used for splitting wide Satin bars and avoid having too long satin stitches.
  • Stippling fill type: With Stippling fill type, Quilting now becomes easier. Create shapes that have the same dimensions with your quilt fabrics and fill them with Stippling stitches. Send the design to your machine and sew out the design. Stippling can be also used for filling large areas of a design will less stitches and avoid the fabric stiffness.
  • More Applique options: You can now set the holding stitches to E-stitch or Zig-Zag and select the way the fabric will be trimmed from the Fabric trim option. A new feature of remove overlapped Applique added. The Fabric trim option that you will select, will affect the way the applique design will be embroidered. The applique fabric can be also cut with your Cutter.
  • Cutter parameters: On each fill or pen type that is related with the cutter, cutter parameters were added. You can now adjust the following: Cutter presets, Cutter speed, Cutter pressure, Cutter passes, Blade depth, Blade color
  • Cut pen type: Cut pen type has been added, that allows you to create cut objects directly. At the cut object you can adjust the offset and the cutter parameters.
  • Stencil pen type: You can now convert any open shape or line art shape to stencil. You can add stencil bridges through node editor and create beautiful stencil designs for any use.
  • Palette order: Ability to edit the palette order and which palettes will be shown through the respective dialog of “Tools>Options” window
  • File formats: Improved support for .AI format up to CC, Improved support for .EPS format up to CC, Improved support for .svg files
  • Guideline editor: Ability to edit the guideline’s position with precise values, Ability to specify the Y and X axis for Horizontal and Vertical guidelines respectively, Ability to specify the Angle for diagonal guidelines, Ability to Lock and hide guidelines

Contact us today about this great piece of embroidery software!

Kothari Print Pro DTG (Direct to Garment) Edition RIP

The ideal RIP software for our DTG printers. This is supplied as standard with our M Series machines but can also be supplied as stand alone software.

When using white ink in the machines it is essential that an appropriate RIP software is used. Print Pro was written especially for DTG machines and gives the user maximum control over positioning and quality of print. A small number of editing facilities are present but this software concentrates on what it was designed for, achieving first class prints every time. You require Adobe Photoshop to get the best from this software, especially if you want to 'knock out' the background. Once done you simply open the PSD file in Print Pro and away you go.

This was the first software in world to automate the process of white underbase generation for printing on coloured medias including black. With the incorporation of this technology printing on coloured garments has become child's play!

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